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Bachelorette Party Boat Ideas

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

The best bachelorette parties are lived with a bottle of champagne in the sea! There are so many options you can choose from when planning your bachelorette party on a boat! From pontoons to mega yachts, you can choose from to make this most memorable day in your life.

Let's dive into all the details of celebrating your bachelorette party on a boat. From the type of boat, you can choose, to what you can wear that day to look fabulous at the last party before the ring!

Type of boat:

You need to know that there are many types of boats that you can choose from on the day of your bachelorette party:


These are flat boats that generally have capacities of 12-13 people. These boats are ideal for large groups that have a tight budget. Pontoons have an advantage over yachts, and that is that, being flat, they allow the whole group to integrate and dance and celebrate together! Our Vice Boat 1 is the preferred boat for bachelorette parties, as it is a two-story pontoon with a water slide! Yes, just like you heard, a water slide on the boat! It allows you to enjoy the party and the water in the best way.

To book our Vice Boat, 27 ft party pontoon:


If you want to live the experience of celebrating your bachelorette party in the most luxurious way, this is the best option! Best of all, there are thousands of yachts with different budgets to choose from. There are yachts from 25 ft to 100 ft in the vice boat club fleet, so finding the boat that suits your requirements is very easy!

Touring boats

These are large boats designed for very large parties. Normally, tickets are sold per person. Many include alcohol in the price, so it can be a good option if you don't want something so private and you want to party by the sea

What to wear:

Your bachelorette party has to be special, so yes or yes you should bring something that shows that you are the "Bride to be" and your group is the "bride's team". That is why here I give you some options that you can use that day in your boat:

  1. Matching swimwears: The day on the boat will require you to wear a bathing suit, so what better than coordinating the same bathing suit with everyone!

  2. Heart glasses: this is such a typical accessory at bachelorette parties. Get your glasses ready because on your trip the sun will be at its best!

  3. Matching Tumblers: What's a boat trip without cold drinks? make sure that they all carry a tumbler and if you can coordinate that they all match much better!

  4. Captain's Hat: What's a boating bachelorette party without the typical photo of everyone in the captain's hat? This will be the best memory of your party, so make sure that everyone looks beautiful in the photo!

What to bring:

Make sure you bring the most important things so you can enjoy your boat to the fullest. Here I list the most essential things:

  1. Sunscreen: take care of your skin from UV rays! You don't want a skin burn the day after your bachelorette party!

  2. Towels: Take your own towels, since in most boats they will not give you.

  3. Food and drinks: All boats are BYOB, unless you hire a caterer to provide you with food and drinks. Take everything you want to drink and eat, since in the middle of the sea you will not find anything to buy. Take enough! At vice boat club we do not have any type of food and drink restrictions on our boats. Sometimes it is recommended to be careful with the red wine that can stain the seats of the boat!

  4. Swimwear: boat is synonymous with sea and water! your outfit must have a bathing suit. make sure you are comfortable so you can enjoy as much as you can.

  5. Cups or tumblers: This will be essential in your trip! Don't let your drink to get hot.

Celebrating your bachelorette party on a boat could be an excellent option, cause is affordable and so fun!

Remember to book the boat you want in advance so you can choose the day and time you want. Preferred boats usually book up very quickly! Be sure to choose the boat that best suits your needs and number of guests. At vice boat club we have various options that you can choose from and that will surely fit in with your bachelorette party!

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