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TOP 3 plans for bachelorette parties in Miami

Miami is undoubtedly one of the best destinations to enjoy a very special date: YOUR BACHELORETTE PARTY. Beautiful beaches, an active nightlife and unforgettable gastronomic experiences is what the 305 offers. This city has become such a popular destination to celebrate bachelorette parties, that there are hotels and restaurants that have plans designed for you to enjoy with your group of friends and family.

There are too many plans to celebrate this great date, which is why here we present the TOP 3 plans to celebrate your bachelorette party in the best Miami style.


1. Show off your best swimsuit on a private boat

When we think of Miami, this is the first plan that comes to mind! Rent your own private boat for 4 hours with captain included. One of the best destinations to go on your boat is to start at the Miami River, and navigate through the gigantic buildings of Brickell, until you reach Sea Stadium Island, where the real party begins!

At Vice Boat Club we have the best boats in Miami for you to rent. From 27' party boats to 100' yachts and cruises, perfect to enjoy this unforgettable date.

VICE BOAT CLUB offers the #1 bachelorette party boat in Miami. Over 150 smiling brides on our boats over the last 5 years!

Vice Boat 1 is a 27 FT pontoon boat with a double deck and an incredible water slide, with enough space to party and share with your guests. The boat is perfect for 12 people and comes with a captain’s recommendation, ice, and a powerful Bluetooth sound system.

We would give you a float with the shape of a wedding ring for you to have fun with your friends.


2. Party at a Beach Club

Miami is the city of Beach Clubs and what better than one to celebrate your bachelorette party. There you can enjoy a day at the beach, drinking champagne with your friends! One of the best Beach Clubs is Joia Beach, a super fun place to have drinks by the sea, eat delicious food and watch the sunset.

3. Enjoy a night of drinks and party

What better than a night of drinks and dancing with your group of best friends to say goodbye to your single life. Put on heels and your best dress and rock the night at Miami's most famous nightclub, LIV.


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