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The Best Places to go Boating in Miami

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

If you have gone on a boat in Miami, you know that choosing the perfect tour is crucial for the trip. There are several places in Miami where we can go boating and each one has its own charm. Here I will show you the best islands that you can go by boat in Miami, to enjoy the water and why not, have a party too!

Luijo's Island

Luijo’s island is one of the best-known destinations to go in the Miami bay. It is also known as Sea Stadium Island, since it is a small island located very close to the historic Miami Marine Stadium in Key Biscayne.

This destination is highly recommended if your boat leaves from the Miami River, since it is the closest island which will allow you to enjoy more time on the water! On the other hand, on this island there are always jet skis for rent, so if renting a jet ski is a must for you, Luijo’s island is the tour for you!

Flagler Monument Island

Another star boating destination in Miami is definitely Flagler Monument Island. This is an artificial island located in Biscayne Bay. It was built in 1920 as a monument to Henry M. Flagler and has a 110-foot-tall obelisk at its center.

We highly recommend this destination for groups who want to go see the houses of celebrities on Star Island, see a little more closely Bayside and its charm and enjoy the beautiful waters of Miami.

Nixon Sandbar

This is one of the best-known sandbars in all of Miami, and it is always full of hundreds of locals and travelers enjoying the sun, sea and party. Nixon Sandbar is located in Key Biscayne facing Hurricane Harbor, south of Miami. If you choose this destination to go with your rented boat, keep in mind where it leaves from, since Nixon Sandbar is a little further away than the stadium and Flagler Monument Island. If your rental is for more than 4 hours and what you want is to enjoy the crystalline sea, this is the perfect destination for you.

Haulover Sandbar

If yours is more north of Miami, this is the perfect spot for you! Haulover Sandbar is located in North Miami, between Bal Harbor and Sunny Isle Beach. This is the spot for the boats that are located in the north of the city. If you want to go to this destination, you have to make sure that the boat you rent is located in a nearby marina so that you have time to enjoy the water without worrying about the weather.

A very important factor when choosing your boat destination is the marina from which the boat leaves! Knowing these 4 incredible places to go boating in Miami, which one would you choose?


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